Rich Man, Poor Man

I have long been suspicious of the government's definition of poverty, largely because there was a time in my life when I and my family fell into that category, though we never thought of ourselves as poor. True, we had to watch every penny we spent. We rarely went out to eat. We didn't have cable TV. We often bought second hand clothes. We worried when it was time for new tires or when the washer broke down. But we had everything we really needed, to wit, food and shelter. Would we have liked to have more? Certainly. Who doesn't? But we had everything we really needed.

Since then - all thanks be to God - things have improved for us. At the time, however, I had to wonder about the definition of poverty. It seemed to me to be a politicized definition. The greater number of people who are classified as poor mean a greater number of people likely to vote for a candidate who promises to go to bat for them.

Bill Whittle over at PJTV has produced an excellent video showing just how "bad off" the poor in the U.S. really are. In my opinion, it is a must see. The statistics are enlightening and the description of envy is spot on.


Casey said…
Pastor, Thank you for your blog. Just want you to know it is read and is appreciated. So good to see someone watching for truth and passing it on. Really! Thanks again! P.S. The Lord of Heaven and Earth has shined on you. May He continue to bless you with a passion to love Him.
Doug Enick said…
Thank YOU, Casey. It's having people like you in the congregation who are eager for truth and love righteousness who make it such a delight to do what I do. Doug

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