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The Spectral Evidence against Brett Kavanaugh

Their “gut reaction” was that her allegations “rang true” Imagine being charged with a crime you didn’t commit, a crime punishable by death.   The only evidence against you is that offered by your accuser, who testifies that he saw you commit the crime.   I don’t mean he claims to have seen it in the usual sense, as in with his eyes , but in a preternatural sense, i.e., in a vision.   You’re tempted to laugh the matter off.   Surely such evidence is inadmissible in a court of law?   But to your dismay, the court takes this “evidence” very seriously.   Making matters worse, every time you deny your guilt, the accuser claims a recurrence of the vision right then and there in the courtroom.   Thus, every denial only multiplies the “evidence” against you.   When it’s all is said and done, the jury renders its verdict: guilty as charged...and off to the gallows you go. Nineteen people were tried, convicted, and hanged for witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts on this kind of evidenc