A solution to Tiger's golfing woes

The LPGA just voted to allow "transgender women" to play on the tour.

As I read the story, it occurred to me that this may be the solution to Tiger Wood's golfing woes. Since returning from his short, self-imposed exile from the PGA, he's been having difficulty regaining his pre-scandal form. Perhaps he can undergo "gender reassignment" surgery and compete as a woman. I'm sure in the interests of egalitarianism no one would complain that he...uh, she (it?) would have an unfair advantage.

It's just this sort of thing that demonstrates the absurdity of rebellion against God. When we fail to acknowledge him, we lose touch with reality and seek to create an alternate reality--an enterprise which is inevitably doomed to failure.

How ironic is it that the man/woman/thing's name  is Lana Lawless? "Sin is lawlessness" (1 Jn. 3:4).


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