And we're going to pay for

I've seen this before, but not in a form I could post, until I saw it again in Joel Belz' column in World Magazine. Take a few moments to look it over carefully and ask yourself if the proponents of the healthcare reform bill are living in the real world if they think we have the resources to pay for it. Figures above the line show a budget surplus, figures below show a deficit.

Says Belz:

"Take a look at the simple but frightening chart on this page, whose sources are the Congressional Budget Office (in red) and the White House itself (in yellow). What they're reporting is the best possible scenario-the most optimistic projection anyone can come up with.
Here's what the graph summarizes:  The Bush administration inherited a surplus from the Clinton years. But tax cuts, the response to 9/11, and foolish and profligate spending by the Republican Congress of the mid-90s drove the federal government into successive deficits of around a third of a trillion dollars annually.
The Democrats' first year in charge of Congress took the deficit back up toward half a trillion (in 2008). Then came the unprecedented deficit of 2009 - the first year Democrats enjoyed control of the presidency as well as of Congress. All that follows has to be claimed as the fruit of their policies.
The projections, mind you, are what the sponsors of "health reform" say will happen if everything goes right for the next 10 years-if all the optimistic assumptions work just the way they hope they will.
By their own forecasts, the money isn't there. It will all have to be borrowed, printed, or counterfeited."


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