It's Worse Than You Think

No doubt you've heard about ACORN--the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now--and some of its criminal shenanigans in support of liberal causes and candidates. But its worse--far worse--than you think. Fox News has an article about some investigative work done by James O'Keefe and a young woman who posed as a pimp and a prostitute looking for advice on how to avoid getting caught. When they mentioned that they were bringing in 13 under-age El Salvadorian girls, they received additional advice on how to avoid detection and even to claim three of them as dependents so as to receive tax credits.

You can see the whole two part video at Big Government. You really have to see it to believe it. O'Keefe said he tried to come up with the most ridiculous story possible to expose just how corrupt ACORN really is. Not only does he pose as a pimp setting up a brothel, but he's looking to add thirteen underage illegal aliens, and the money he makes he wishes to use for in a run for political office.


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