War of the Water Balloons

It came out of nowhere. I never saw it. But believe me…I felt it.

Smack! Splash!

I’d been hit, and hit good with a water balloon right upside the head, launched by my son from at least 40 feet away. The reason I never saw it coming was because I had my back turned and was running away. I had just made my sortie into hostile territory, unloaded my supply of water balloons, taking out both James and Suzanna, and was making good my escape. I was just about ready to break out into a victory dance as I proudly carried the enemy flag back to our home base.

And then it happened.

James didn’t even know he got me. He said it was a desperation throw. He didn’t even aim. He just let it fly. But it found its mark—my left temple. The force of it snapped by head sideways. I was drenched. It was by far the best throw of the night.

Nevertheless, Melinda, Elizabeth, and I, won the best of three capture the flag water balloon wars over James, Suzanna, and Hannah.

What a way to celebrate Father’s Day!


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