The Studied Irrelevance of American Foreign Missions

Bojidar Marinov of Bulgaria has written a must read for everyone who is serious about missions.


Anonymous said…
We ought not forget that this is important at home, too. The church as a whole, has done a poor job of catechizing and discpling people over the past 50 years. The modern church gets so caught up with "getting people saved" that we forget that "getting saved" is only the starting point. We are not done. The race is not over. The eternal battle is not concluded. The modern church deemphasizes what God really requires: cooperating with Grace, and living in obedience. It leads to a cheap and easy presumption of Grace. Someone told me once, that there is no value where there is no price. Serving Christ has great reward. It never has been cheap or easy. The true mission field begins in our own backyard. The church can and should take back the education of our children. That is perhaps the best way to make a real difference for future generations.
--Eric Strobel

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