A little bit of heaven on earth

Melinda and I have had the privilege of attending 3 or 4 of Christ Church's Sunday evening Psalm Sings. Christ Church is a member congregation of the Confederation of Reformed Evangelical Churches, located in Moscow, Idaho and pastored by Doug Wilson. A couple of times each month the congregation gathers on Sunday evening to sing Psalms and hymns. People sit in different parts of the auditorium depending on whether they sing soprano, alto, tenor, or bass, and they learn how to sing their respective parts.

Each Psalm Sing consists of singing familiar Psalms and hymns, as well as learning new ones that will be used in Sunday morning worship. The singing is glorious! One of our favorites is Psalm 98, "O Sing a New Song to the Lord."

Watch and enjoy. Also, please note the corporate "AMEN!" at the end of the song.


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