Learning (even more) from the Pilgrims

As a follow up to the previous post I should point out that the Pilgrims abandoned their forced experiment in communism only by degrees. When they gave each family a plot of land to farm and to enjoy the fruits thereof, they did not give the land for a perpetual holding, but rotated each parcel of land by yearly lot. This naturally caused problems.

In order that they might raise their crops to better advantage, they made suit to the Governor to have some land apportioned for permanent holdings, and not by yearly lot, whereby the plots which the more industrious had brought under good culture one year would change hands the next, and others would reap the advantage; with the result that the manuring and culture of the land were neglected. It was well considered, and their request was granted. Every person was given one acre of land, for them and theirs, and they were to have no more till the seven years had expired.

The move had the intended effect and the colony prospered all the more.


Jeremy said…
Thanks for the posts, Doug!
Where? said…
Hey Pastor (:
Where do you find the time to write so much?!

~One of your many students
Doug Enick said…
Actually, when I first started this blog, I though I would post more frequently than I do. I hope to pick up the pace a bit after the first of the year.

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