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The Will to Disbelieve - Atheism as Wish Fulfillment

Few things are as vital to understand about man as the two complementary truths that he is both created in the image of God and he is fallen. [1] The first ensures that the existence of God is something man cannot not know; the second that some men will nevertheless deny they know it. The image of God in man is the basis for what Calvin refers to as a sensus divinitatis. “There is,” he says, “within the human mind, and indeed by natural instinct, an awareness of divinity .” [2] He observes further, To prevent anyone from taking refuge in the pretense of ignorance, God himself has implanted in all men a certain understanding of his divine majesty… Since, therefore, men one and all perceive that there is a God and that he is their Maker, they are condemned by their own testimony because they have failed to honor him and to consecrate their lives to his will. [3] Furthermore, this “awareness of divinity” is inescapable. That there is some God, is naturally inborn